eSurface Process

eSurface Technology has been established to develop and market, eSurface, an evolutionary, patent protected process for the manufacture of printed circuit boards and other electronic components. Management believes that this technology provides greater than 50% in direct process cost savings over current manufacturing technology, almost completely eliminates the toxic waste generated by conventional manufacturing methods, and allows conductive material to be applied to any surface that can receive a photographic image. eSurface does not plan to manufacture circuits with the eSurface process as its primary business model. Accordingly eSurface’s primary business model is to license its process to the circuit manufacturing industry and other industries that requirement metalization.

Key Advantages

eSurface is a transformational and enabling technology; and in its most basic form, processes the following technical advantages:

  • Reduces production steps.  eSurface’s six step fabrication process shortens production lines and reduces the number of production steps by about 75% when compared to conventional fabrication methods.
  • Lowers direct production costs by more than 50%. eSurface provides the lowest cost method of manufacturing current connected electronics and creates new profit opportunities.  eSurface saves manufacturers approximately 65% of their direct production costs.
  • Reduce Hazardous waste.  Those that adopt eSurface take a significant step toward eliminating the toxic chemical etchants and other hazardous wastes from the production process.  eSurface is committed to continued R&D aimed at eliminating toxic waste from the circuit production process.
  • Smaller, Thinner, Lighter, and Faster. eSurface is capable of creating circuit trace and width lines under 3 mils, providing for unmatched circuit density, functionality and speed.
  • No undercut of trace edges.  Our directly plated circuit does not suffer from the undercutting or jagged edges that are found with conventional etching fabrication methods, thus our circuits uphold superior electrical and signal integrity with unprecedented yield.
  • Unrestricted Shape.  eSurface does away with current materials limitations allowing circuits to be plated on virtually any substrate regardless of shape and surface.
  • Superior Multilayer Process.  Additional efficiencies are realized when used for creating multilayered circuit boards.  The eSurface process eliminates the need for drilling through holes and vias and replaces the lamination process with an imaged liquid dielectric layer between the eSurface reagent and plated circuits.  Multilayer boards become thinner, lighter and significantly easier to fabricate.
  • Exceeds IPC Standards.  eSurface has physical and mechanical properties that are superior to the current standard with up to 50% greater peal strength capacity, durability and reliability.

Conventional Process vs eSurface

Conventional Process vs eSurface
eSurface reduces a seventeen step process to only five steps


The eSurface process is less costly than existing manufacturing processes. This cost savings is not just limited to the process, but “indirect” cost advantages extend to significant electric utilities savings, waste management savings, and a notable decreased need for manufacturing floor space.  Indeed, every facet of the cost structure of an existing manufacturer will experience levels of savings comparable to the direct process cost more than 50%.  The cost structures of PCB manufacturers vary with each company in that their cost accounting is dissimilar, as is their cost for energy, waste management, and human resources.

eSurface’s patent pending process utilizes manufacturers existing equipment and standard processes, so no capital expenditure is required.  Some licensees have opted to establish an eSurface production line with new equipment, independent of their conventional production lines, and the return on investment in this low cost equipment is within the first 6 months of production. The need for the continued maintenance and high cost operation of “big ticket” and toxic, chemical processing equipment (which is significantly reduced), instantly saving electricity, chemicals, floor space, and hazardous waste remediation costs.

The eSurface process is a novel and fundamental invention in the evolution of the electronics industry that will allow companies to build electronics cheaper, smaller, faster, lighter, and more functional – with our environmentally responsible “green” technology.

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